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Flex Studio, Hong Kong

Stretch and sweat at Hong Kong’s Flex Studio

In case you're looking for a break from shopping and yum-cha.
Little Farms, Singapore

You’ll find the finest groceries at Singapore’s Little Farms

Produce comes only from trusted farmers and artisans.
Winter Weight

How to avoid that extra layer this winter

But still enjoy wine, cheese and Treat Yo Self-worthy food.


3 reasons why every girl should try basketball

Let’s be honest ladies, who doesn’t want to have ultimate control of a ball in their hands?

Is this the world’s largest silent yoga disco?

Australia lays claim to some large things (we're looking at you Big Banana!), and now we can add the world's largest silent yoga disco to the list.

Yoga or weights? Why don’t you try both

Faced with the dilemma of choosing between the mat and the weight rack?

5 yoga poses to cure insomnia

Before you jump under the covers for some shut-eye tonight, grab your yoga mat and try these five poses to help combat insomnia.

5 benefits of Barre that will have you going back for more

Pulse, tuck and laugh your way to toned muscles.



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7 products you should always have in your gym bag

Never be late for a workout (or work) again with these 7 gym bag essentials.
Lola Berry

Lola Berry set to open her first juice bar & café in Melbourne

Expect tasty smoothies, delicious salads and wholesome treats.
Rexona Clinical Protection, Sporteluxe, YOGA event sydney, Kate kendall, Bianca Cheah

Vinyasa Yoga: what it’s really like

It's not all pretzel twists.
work smarter, freelancer, working from home, girl studying

Is the 9-5 job dead? How to work smarter, not harder

It turns out you don't have to work your ass off to succeed.