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Rise of the Daybreaker dance party workout

If you love a night-time boogie, then this new fitness movement could be for you (that's if you're willing to swap the PM for the AM - and hold the liquid courage!). Daybreaker is taking the US by storm, with punters lining up to get their groove on as the sun rises. Our New York Correspondent and Health Coach, Kellie Armstrong, was there to check it out


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Preworkout foods

Pre-workout foods that will boost your body

When it comes to working out, nutrition is key to make the most of your session at the gym, on the beach or in the park, but it can be hard to decide which food is best. We asked some of our expert nutritionists to weigh in on the debate to give you the lowdown on the best pre-workout foods that give your body the boost it deserves


Jessica Sepel

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Jessica Sepel: how to recover from the B-word (bingeing!)

One of the most common things wellness expert Jess Sepel hears from clients in clinic is that they struggle with the big, bad B word: bingeing. While we all slip up from time to time, for many, binge eating or even just the fear of it, can spiral out of control. Here are the strategies Jess has learned through clients and personal experience for recovering and quickly getting back on track





Earth conscious instagram feature

6 earth-conscious Instagram accounts worth following today

If you’re anything like us, you’re Instagram feed is a montage of birds-eye smoothie bowls, fashionistas and two-tone interiors. And while this provides endless inspiration, adding a little zen amid the stream of monochrome apartments and Adidas-adorned fit-girls can go a long way to keeping you grounded. Here are our favourite earth-conscious Instagram accounts that are sure to get your earth-loving fingers tingling too



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We’ve found your new spring signature scent

Are you looking to find a way to support Daffodil Day today, August 28, (if you live in Australia) beyond just buying a yellow lapel pin or flower at the train station or your nearest post office? This utterly beautiful daffodil-based fragrance is a way to do just that – and find a heavenly new signature scent for spring in the process



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How to think your way to running brilliance

We place so much importance on the physical side of running training, it's easy to forget the enormous impact our minds make on training and performance. (There's a reason top athletes work closely with psychologists and visualisation experts). How you think before, during and after training is a real game changer. Trainer and running expert Ben Lucas, co-founder of Flow Athletic in Sydney, offers these priceless tips 


Sweet recipe

Bannie Williams, blueberry smoothie, The Healthy Ingredients

Morish blueberry, cashew and macadamia milk smoothie

This decadent smoothie combination, created by nutritionist Bannie Williams, is a great breakfast or a delicious post work out snack. Macadamia milk adds a creamy nutty flavour and the blueberries add a good dose of antioxidants. Why wait for warm weather to indulge?



Beach Hair

Is sugar spray the new sea salt spray?

Chances are you have a salt spray tucked away in your beauty cupboard - this staple hair product is a must-have for stylists, off-duty models and anyone wanted a quick 'just been to the beach' textured look. But is the handy salt spray about to be dethroned as the must-have texture product? Perhaps! Read on for the lowdown on the hottest new texture spray wowing beauty experts: sugar spray or mist



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5 surprising places you CAN meditate in

When anyone thinks of meditating, the first image that comes to the mind is someone sitting on the ground with their thumbs and index fingers gently pressed together with their eyes closed down in a very calm and serene place. The misconception is that meditating has to be sitting on the ground cross-legged. Not true! You can actually meditate anywhere at anytime. Read Bianca's five favourite places you never knew were ideal for meditating in