Active wear

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Our guide to the perfect running event outfit

After months of training, the big running race day's almost here. You’ve got your water bottle filled, your fitness tracker charged, your protein snacks ready to go and… but what about your outfit? To ensure you’re left with a finishing line photo you're proud to display, we’ve rounded up our favourite on-trend high performance active wear that looks sensational too



Post workout foods

Post-workout food that helps you recover faster

Those aches and pains that you feel the day after exercise can be a burden, especially if you're training for a big event. What if we told you food could help you on your way to faster recovery? Read on to see what our experts suggest as the best post-workout foods to help speed up your recovery process



Felix Schoener

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5 superfoods that supercharge decadent desserts

Decadent desserts don't have to be the mortal enemy of healthy bodies. In fact, there are certain superfoods that lend themselves perfectly to your favourite sweet treats. Here chef Felix Schoener, from award-winning Balinese health retreat, Fivelements, tells us his five superfoods that make ideal dessert ingredients and why you'll feel so much better for eating them. Bon appetite!



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Sydney running routes with an amazing view

When training for a special running event, there's nothing better for boosting your motivation to train than combining your session with a killer view. We've rounded up some of the best places in Sydney to run with a view so you can get some more kilometres under your belt while feasting your eyes on some of Sydney's stunning sites




Leather Pants, Bodyism tights

The day I wore ‘leather pants’ to yoga class

Sporteluxe founder Bianca will never forget the day she had complete strangers walk up to her after a Vinyasa yoga class and ask how she'd managed to do it in leather pants! Truth is they weren't leather, but from a range of amazing workout wear that looks just like it (and is far comfier than too.) Here's what they were and where you can find them too



Bianca Cheah, Kate Kendall, Vinyasa Flow

Burn fat with this quick Vinyasa workout

Are you after a tighter, more toned body but the idea of pumping weights at a gym just ain't for you? Well we've got a workout that's the ideal solution. It's super simple, quick and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Say hello to Vinyasa Flow!



Organic Avenue, spring juice creation

Help us create a Sporteluxe + Organic Avenue juice!

Regular readers know we’re huge organic juice fanatics here at Sporteluxe and that we love cold pressed juice company Organic Avenue, which is why we’re especially excited to be teaming up with them to create a special ‘Sporteluxe’ blend juice on sale Australia-wide for spring. But we need your help to create it! Here's how you can tell us the super healthy blend you're craving this season



Atlantis The Palm, Atlantis gym, Dubai

Is Atlantis the world’s healthiest luxe transit stopover?

If you’re heading anywhere on a long haul flight in the near future, chances are a transit through Dubai is on the cards, given it’s now officially the world’s biggest international travel hub. Or perhaps after reading this story about the Atlantis Hotel’s phenomenal gym and luxury spa package, you’ll change your route (or even your holiday) to make sure it is





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Rise of the Daybreaker dance party workout

If you love a night-time boogie, then this new fitness movement could be for you (that's if you're willing to swap the PM for the AM - and hold the liquid courage!). Daybreaker is taking the US by storm, with punters lining up to get their groove on as the sun rises. Our New York Correspondent and Health Coach, Kelli Armstrong, was there to check it out


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