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The white beach dress you loved – we found it!

You loved this stunning white beach dress that featured in a story posted June 30 so much, we went on a mission to find this handful of similar styles for you for your next summer holiday. Which do you love most? Happy shopping!


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Change your life with this 3-step night time ritual

Do you catch up on work, emails, your favourite television series and scour social media before bed, then wonder why you wake up exhausted? You're not alone. Here's how Sporteluxe expert and Flow Athletic yoga teacher Kate Kendall has trained herself to 'disconnect to reconnect' at night. These three simple steps are enough to calm your nervous system, boost your productivity and even put the sizzle back into your sex life!



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Would you eat this new meat protein bar?

Chances are most of you Sporteluxe readers have tried a protein bar or hundred in your lifetime, but we bet you've never tasted one quite like this! Chief Bar, created by our own new PT contributor Libby Babet and ultra marathon runner Veronika Larisova, is the first meat-based, savoury protein bar available in Australia (perhaps the world!?) Here's what's so different about it and what Sporteluxe's Bianca and Rachel thought when they tried it (compared to a 'guy' review)


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Winterise your eyes: 10 weatherproof mascaras to try

It's hard enough to get your mascara to stay put at the best of times when you're exercising, but when extreme weather hits (especially the cold, wet and icy winds of winter) you'll need one of these great weatherproof mascaras to keep your lashes constantly coated, protected, silky and fabulous



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You’ll adore these 7 luxurious soy candles

Team Sporteluxe are collectively fans of soy candles; they're the perfect compliment to toothbrush sets in the bathroom, desk objects in the office or simply as a centrepiece on your dining table. Here are our pick of the best luxury soy candles available now to help fill your homes with warm, rich scents, minus any nasties 


Dion Lee for Target

Buy budget-friendly Dion Lee performance wear today!

Would you like to own fashion-forward pieces by hot designer Dion Lee at a fraction of the usual high-end price? Then run, don't walk to Target today! His 35-piece Dion Lee for Target range of performance wear has finally dropped in store today and chances are it won't take long to completely sell out. Here's a reminder of what the capsule collection looks like


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Get a toned back with this yoga move

Everyone loves the idea of having a toned and sexy back, but that area tends to be the most neglected exercise-wise for most women. This fantastic yoga move is ideal for toning the arms and back area. Just do the Spirit Dive (or as many also know it, the One-Legged Chaturanga) morning and night each day for a week and you'll see real benefits fast


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Cycle your way to a better body at these 5 studios

We've all heard of the US-based cult fitness phenomenon that is Soul Cycle, but it's this group of cool boutique spin-only studios that have recently cropped up here in Australia, which have us excited. Here are five of the coolest places to burn calories on an indoor bike in Sydney or Melbourne right now


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7 healthy body secrets this producer learned on film sets

Are you tired of relying on caffeine and adrenaline to get through the day? There are better ways of keeping up energy and productivity that won't be at the expense of your health. Amber McCormick shares 7 secrets that will keep you healthy, happy and well amoungst busy work place environments


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My favourite fit pregnancy tips, by Roz Kelly-Morkel

Sporteluxe contributor, sports TV journalist and mum-to-be Roz Kelly Morkel has learned a few things about staying active, healthy and sane over the course of her pregnancy. (Not surprising given her baby's being born into such a high-profile international sporting family!) Here are four fit pregnant body wisdoms she's learned over the past seven months



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Did you win our Ocean House Lorne competition?

Last month we gave you the chance to win a holiday for yourself and two friends at Ocean House, overlooking the iconic Great Ocean Road in Lorne, Victoria. We loved reading hundreds of your entries telling us what 'great living' means to you, but one really stood out as our winner. Was it you?


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Winter beauty must-haves to brighten cold days

When the colder weather sets in, we can all pine for a little mood-boosting pampering. You'll love these gorgeous winter beauty must-haves, all based on the current trends and new releases in store now, which will perk up your afternoon and inch you closer to the weekend. Happy clicking! 
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Expert Asian skincare and beauty tips that work

When it comes to Asian skin there are some tried and tested tips, tricks and products for achieving complexion perfection (and dodging the dreaded 'flush' after a wine or two) that might just work for you as well. Priceline The Beauty of You ambassador Yumi Stynes and POPSUGAR managing editor Jess Chandra (both beauty-savvy women with Asian skin) share their pearls of wisdom
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8 affordable foundations with added skin benefits

Is there such a thing as the perfect foundation? Truth is, most of us want it all when looking for the perfect product; coverage without being cakey, just the right amount of sheen without looking glossy, something that cancels out redness and dryness but looks natural too. Great news is, these eight foundations are affordable and also afford your skin the TLC it deserves this chilly season