Whether you are juicing, slow roasting or steaming using fresh produce is always optimal. And it doesn’t get much fresher than veggies and herbs from your own garden!

However, just because you live in an apartment or are short on garden space doesn’t mean you have to miss out. A little planning and some ingenuity is all you need to have homegrown produce at your fingertips!

Be creative. Go vertical. Hang it. Pot it. Make it beautiful. It really is that simple. Purchase your plants from your local nursery. The staff will be able to guide you about what will grow best in your climate and desired position in your garden. Consider the sunlight, the pot size, the soil and, most importantly, the level of effort you are willing to give your new garden. Some fruit, veggies and herbs need more attention than others!

My favorite shops to visit for garden inspiration are Garden LifeRobert Plumb and Urban Balcony. You can also find some amazing unique garden purchases on Etsy too.

Starting an urban edible garden will always require a bit of effort and planning in the beginning. However, it’s worth remembering that homegrown produce and herbs will always be fresher, more nutritious, convenient and cheaper than anything you could purchase from a supermarket. Not to mention the fact it that it will be a beautiful, calming addition to your home.

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